Fish of the month is Slimy mackerel

Check out the low down on all things Slimey Mackerel 

Also known as blue mackerel, Japanese mackerel, Pacific mackerel, slimy mackerel, or spotted chub mackerel,

Blue mackerel (or Slimey Mackerel) are caught commercially by small purse seines for use as both live and dead bait in domestic tuna fisheries.  They are also caught with ring nets and in otter trawls in New South Wales.

They are found in waters of southern half of Australia but are also found throughout the Western Pacific Ocean, Hawaii and the eastern Pacific.

Juveniles and small adult fish usually inhabit inshore waters, while larger adult fish form schools in 40-200m of water over the continental shelf.

They spawn in summer.

Blue Mackerel is very good smoked. 


Fish of the Month

Fish of the Month SLIMEY MACKEREL
The angler submitting a weigh ticket for the heaviest nominated fish in a category is awarded a cash prize.

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